E3 2019: 11 Leaked Video Games You're Not Supposed To Know About

George R.R. Martin AND FromSoftware? Sekiro of Thrones? It's coming.

george r r martin fromsoftware

E3 2019 will go down in history no matter what.

First up, consider Microsoft's position. Not only did they just have the most disastrous generation since the inception of the Xbox, but going into this weekend's event, we're apparently getting two new consoles. One is designed for the everyday consumer; an Xbox One S stand-in that will support 4K and still play all your old games, plus a deluxe, more powerful edition, replacing the Xbox One X as the "hardcore gamer"s system of choice.

Together they'll form a twin opening salvo for the next generation, and with Sony sitting this one out (unless they bust out a random live stream), it's Microsoft's conference to lose.

Even Nintendo, though they tend to focus on streaming, have been rumoured to drop two more versions of the Switch, but all of this gets around the most essential part of any E3: The games.

The next Xbox won't be anything without a solid lineup, and neither will headlines be made if we can't point to titles for the future of any system or third-party publisher. Luckily for us, although there will surely be a ton of surprises to come, here are 11 top-tier titles already doing the rounds.

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