E3 2019: 11 Leaked Video Games You're Not Supposed To Know About

11. Bleeding Edge (Ninja Theory's Next Game)

Hellblade Ninja Theory
Ninja Theory

Developers of the masterful Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and PS3 gem Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory were one hell of a get when Microsoft bought them outright last year.

Saying that the acquisition was to help the team "focus on the experience, not the monetisation" going forward, it seems they will move into a position amongst the Xbox lineup not too dissimilar to Naughty Dog for Sony, putting out titles that value single player narrative and meaningful storytelling.

It makes sense then, that Microsoft will showcase what Ninja Theory have been putting together at E3, and that's backed up by Windows Senior Editor Jez Corden stating "We'll see Ninja Theory's new project this year", alongside the fact that in May 2019, Ninja Theory trademarked the name "Bleeding Edge".

You can expect to see a ton of set piece-filled, explosive head-turners, but something like a Ninja Theory game would round off Microsoft's showcase nicely.

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