E3 2019: 12 Insane Announcements That Could Happen

It's time to put on our tinfoil hats and make some wild predictions for E3 2019.


E3 2019 is mere weeks away, and the hype train is really starting to hit its stride.

What at first seemed like it was building up to a rather by-the-numbers show, particularly with the absence of PlayStation, has quickly blossomed into a can't-miss event.

Ubisoft have three unannounced games we're expecting to see, Bethesda has to regain gamer trust with a big showing, Nintendo is... Nintendo, and Xbox is gearing-up for its biggest conference yet, with a full reveal of next-generation hardware.

And that's ignoring all the things we know are happening, like another Destroy All Humans, the next Call of Duty, Cyberpunk 2077, Animal Crossing Switch, as well as a potential PlayStation State of Play.

The rumour mill is in full swing, so lets take a look at some of the most insane possibilities. These are things that are just so crazy, they might be true. Don't worry though, we're not talking about Half-Life 3 or Rockstar's Agent, we're looking at some left-field things that could very well come to fruition in two weeks time.

So grab your bingo board and get ready to test our phenomenal predicting prowess, because we're blowing the lid off of E3 2019 with these insane prophecies.


Curtis is from Ireland and lives in Canada now.