E3 2019: 9 Last-Minute Rumours You NEED To Know

From long-awaited sequels to the first look at next-gen gaming, E3 2019 will be MASSIVE.

Alien Isolation 2

E3 2019 is once again upon us, and with that comes a whole host of leaks, rumours and reveals that spoil pretty much every single announcement that the biggest publishers have spent months trying to keep a secret. Welcome to the internet age.

That's exaggerating a little, of course, but these days it is rare for the biggest games ready to drop across E3 weekend to remain a secret. That doesn't make the event any less fun though, because while there's an overwhelming amount of leaks in the run up to the event, not all of them always come true.

Consequently, it's just as fun to read everything in the run up to each conference, and then still be blindsided when some reveals slip through the cracks, and others turn out to be complete and utter bogus.

Still, there's often a way to separate the fake leaks from the real ones, and if you've got a keen enough eye, you can identify which rumoured games are guaranteed to show up.


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