E3 2019: 9 Last-Minute Rumours You NEED To Know

9. Fable 4


A new entry in the Fable franchise - from the developers best known for racing series Forza: Horizon, no less - has been rumoured for a long while now. Months ago, rumours started swirling around the title being in production, and just a few days ago a whole new batch arrived in time for E3.

The most recent leaks indicate that the regular setting of Albion has been destroyed, resetting and soft-rebooting the entire universe so the new devs can go wild with creating whatever fantasy world they can come up with. Microsoft are planning some pretty major changes to the franchise mechanically as well, putting a larger emphasis on exploration and doing away with guns altogether in favour of tighter melee combat.

Even though it's still early on in production, Fable 4 seems like it's locked in for Microsoft's conference. Enough time has passed for the company to start sowing the seeds they planted when turning the Xbox brand around a few years ago, and that should mean a whole slew of exclusives - including Fable 4 - to get players interested in the future of the console.


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