E3 2021: 9 Announcements That Would Break The Internet

9. Final Fantasy XVI Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass

final fantasy 16
Square Enix

Although it's only been announced recently, Final Fantasy XVI actually began development immediately after XV shipped, now seeing five years of consistent work invested, and according to various sources, it's ready to drop.

Now, while Sony have apparently got an exclusivity deal in place for FFXVI, the specifics of this are already up in the air. A trailer featuring a PC release had to be deleted, PlayStation Australia's PS5 web store revealed it was actually a timed exclusive, and Square Enix had to tell IGN that ultimately, “[They] have no further information on if Final Fantasy 16 will be released on platforms other than PS5”.

Taken alongside the fact Sony have bowed out of this year's show, leaves the door wide open for Xbox to swoop in for another timed exclusive release on Game Pass.

With the PS5 not selling anywhere near as well in Japan as the PS4, Sony themselves coming under fire for moving their HQ to America and abandoning Japanese gamers by changing the "okay" button from Circle to X (trust me, it's a big deal), Xbox are reportedly planning something big instead.

According to rumours, this plan involves directly targeting the Japanese market, and a Hideo Kojima game in also in tow. What better way to do right by everyone and make a splash, than offer Xbox systems with Final Fantasy XVI alongside?

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