Elden Ring: 10 Most Difficult Bosses You'll Encounter

Try not to break your controller.

Elden Ring
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Hardcore fans of Dark Souls and games like it might say that Elden Ring is a bit too easy in comparison. This is mainly due to additions such as the jump button or the ability to call in your own steed to assist you in combat; couple this with the open-world, which allows you to level up and get stronger for bosses, and you have a game that’s much easier to manage than other FromSoftware titles like Bloodborne or Sekiro.

However, that’s not to say that Elden Ring is easy. The difficult nature of Miyazaki games can still be seen at its core, especially with the iconic bosses that will defeat you multiple times over and make you question your ability to play video games.

These enemies will test not only your patience and willingness to not break your controller but also your capability to play the game to near perfection, combining attacks like status effects, instant-kill moves, and even teleportation to ensure you have the hardest time possible.

Spoilers ahead for all of Elden Ring.

10. Godrick, The Grafted

Elden Ring

Godrick is the first truly tough battle you’ll encounter in Elden Ring, and even though he's one of the first bosses, he poses a challenge and difficulty spike.

This is an enemy that uses the arms of his slaves as his own—equipping various weapons to them to create a wide range of attacks. Because of his close-quarters nature, dodging is the primary way you’ll get around him, but doing so becomes difficult due to his variety of moves.

Then we reach the second phase, where Godrick takes up an entire dragon head and uses it as a creative new weapon. Not only does this increase his damage, but it also gives him an entirely new arsenal of attacks to make your survival as least likely as possible, like breathing fire or surrounding himself with flames.

If you’re looking to defeat him, there are a few you should keep in mind. For his first phase, make sure to use range attacks like magic or bows to keep a distance, and then switch to a more melee-based approach for his second phase as his attacks are easier to dodge at close range.

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