Elden Ring: 10 Most Difficult Bosses You'll Encounter

9. Rykard, Lord Of Blasphemy

Elden Ring
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At the end of the Volcano Manor questline, you’ll find yourself challenging an ominous giant snake reminiscent of bosses you might have seen in Dark Souls. However, after you beat this snake, your jaw will drop in disbelief as the belly of the monster grows a face and rips a sword from its stomach, turning into one of the shard bearer bosses.

This enemy is impossible to fight in close quarters; long-range attacks are the only way to deal damage as its immediate surroundings are made out of lava that will consistently damage you. This isn’t helped by the fact that the boss will rush you and use every opportunity to get as close as possible.

The arena makes this even more challenging as the many obstacles and walls can make it easy for Rykard to corner you and instantly end your life with ease.

For this fight, the Serpent-Hunter weapon you get at the beginning is necessary. Unless you have potent magic, this is the only way to deal any significant damage to the boss. Make sure to always keep your distance from it and attack whenever you can while also paying attention to your surroundings, so you don’t get cornered.

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