Elder Scrolls 6: 10 Phenomenal RPGs Bethesda Must Learn From

Inspiration is out there, and here's where to look.

The elder scrolls VI 6

News about Bethesda's sixth instalment to their Elder Scrolls series is certainly being kept well under wraps at present. With Skyrim's Special Edition heading to the newest generation of gaming machines later this year and with questions about The Elder Scrolls VI's release date being avoided, the only thing we really know, is that the game is currently in some early stage of development.

So, as we await further news about the next entry to the series and the re-release of Skyrim, how can we satiate ourselves with Elder Scrolls-y goodness? Well, why not consider some of the immensely impressive RPG titles that have a thing or two to teach Bethesda's next instalment?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a truly exceptional game, but everyone knows it wasn't perfect. A few flaws and issues persisted, with a few features of the series also starting to appear tired and stale with age. For The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda will want to solve these problems as they seek to produce an improvement on its predecessor, and I know just where they should look for inspiration.

Here we have ten phenomenal RPGs that Bethesda need to learn from as they develop The Elder Scrolls VI!


10. Give Us Unorthodox Solutions To Avoid Broken Quests - Divinity: Original Sin

divinity original sin enhanced edition
Larian Studios

For a large number of players the issue of broken quests in Skyrim became an almost game-breaking frustration. Whether by inadvertently killing an important NPC, losing a key item or getting stuck in a problematic dialogue loop, players could find themselves locked out of certain quests and unable to complete them.

In truth, this is always a potential outcome for any game that lets you interact so fully and freely with the open world, but there is a way to cut the problems down. Essentially, it entails having more completion options available, and Bethesda can look to Divinity: Original Sin as an inspiration for this.

Since Larian Studios' game was built around co-operative gameplay and options, there always had to be inventive or unorthodox ways of solving quests. Essentially, with another player able to impact the game and kill a vital NPC or disagree with your actions, the kind of quest-breaking issues from a game like Skyrim were actually encouraged.

Taking Divinity: Original Sin's approach to having multiple solutions for such quests would be a solid step toward eliminating broken quests in The Elder Scrolls VI.


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