Elder Scrolls Online Revealed As Huge Change From Skyrim


Of course, there is one huge addition to gameplay that we cannot ignore: for the first time ever, you can play TES with friends. This may sound a little obvious, but it will almost definitely be the main draw of the game, attracting and introducing many past MMO fans to TES lore. Developers state that they want the game world to be the main concentration of the player, rather than the HUD. For that reason, the amount of information on-screen at any time has been reduced, and an emphasis has been shown on making combat feel as real-time as possible. Depite this, I see the gameplay to be painfully similar to any other MMO. As one Elder Scrolls fan said: "We dont want to play WoW with a TES mod. We want first person combat, we want the game to be like all the other TES games. We dont need another WoW clone, we need a multiplayer version of TES."

Character Customization

The pride and joy of many TES games is to be able to customize your characters to the point that every player has a completely different character. To many fans' relief, this feature returns with TES Online. Although there will be specific classes for players to choose, abilities and perks are generally available to every character archetype (just at different points). The player chooses which abilities to assign to his charater, allowing players the traditional TES freedom. Click "next" to read our final part...

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