Every FromSoftware Soulsborne Game Ranked Worst To Best

Dark Souls III was just a few steps away from perfection.

Elden ring

The 2010s brought an entirely new era of gaming, an age where every single video game released will henceforth be known as: “The Dark Souls of [insert thing].”

FromSoftware and series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki have defined a generation with their “Souls-Like” style of games that have taken the internet by storm due to their insane old-school difficulty, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the retro age of games.

Among these, you have the Dark Souls trilogy, which is by far their most popular series. However, they’ve created games that have arguably reached even higher levels than those such as Bloodborne and the critically acclaimed Elden Ring, which has broken the internet ever since its release earlier this year.

You see, that’s the thing about Miyazaki; the man has never helmed a bad game. Every single entry stands on its own and is often considered one of the best of recent times, if not one of the greatest ever made.

However, this doesn’t mean that some entries aren’t better than others or that every Souls game stands equally to one another.

7. Dark Souls 2

Elden ring

The Dark Souls franchise became an instant hit with the first game in the series, which made fans excited for the sequel's release. However, the result was somewhat disappointing in comparison.

Dark Souls II had many of the mechanics and lore that made the first game so great. The combat was still tight, the game was challenging, and all of the fundamentals that make Dark Souls great were still present.

With that said, a handful of aspects brought the game down considerably, especially in comparison to what came before and after.

First of all, the level design doesn’t feel as inspired and cleverly designed as the first game; each area feels bland and hard to remember with its seemingly random design, something that makes it harder to remember enemy placements and item locations.

This game also lacks the iconic enemy designs FromSoftware would be known for. In most games, enemies range from gory corrupted creatures that stalk and flank you to foes who seem like something out of this world, but here, most boil down to generic knights or humans.

Dark Souls II is still a solid title, but when you start comparing it to all the other games, it ends up being the weakest “Souls-Like.”

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