EVERY Resident Evil Game Ranked Worst To Best

Which game in Capcom's long-running survival horror franchise is the best? Let's get ranking.


Since its debut in 1996 on the original PlayStation, the Resident Evil franchise has made its presence known as one of the defining progenitors of survival horror. Not to mention, it's become one of Capcom's most successful and influential franchises with a huge following all over the world.

It's hard not to see why.

With its string of stagnation and revival, the journey the franchise has undertaken has been an intriguing one. It's managed to outlast just about every AAA franchise in the genre. While the likes of Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill drifted into a torturous demise, Resident Evil has come back time and time again for both good and ill. With the remake of Resident Evil 3 now available, it's time to take a look back at the venerable series.

With twenty-six titles, mainline or otherwise under its banner, putting all the games in order is no easy task. Excluding mobile games, we'll be looking at each game's overall quality, how they hold up today and what they did for the industry at the time.


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