Every Soulcalibur Guest Character Ranked!

2B or not 2B, that is the question.

2B Soul Calibur

Marvel Avengers will have an exclusive character that’s only available to the PlayStation versions. It sounds like a scumbag move, but it’s a trick that Soulcalibur has been performing for decades with some of the available characters.

The sword-swinging beat 'em up was one of the pioneers of including guest fighters, a practice that has spread like wildfire in fighting games. Smash Bros. may have perfected the idea, but Soulcalibur did it first.

To celebrate this increasing trend, we've ranked all of the guest characters from the main Soulcalibur series. There do need to be some important caveats that need to be addressed, otherwise it becomes an unwieldy mess.

Firstly, these characters are listed for the significance of their inclusion and how cool it was to see them, not just how good they were as a character. Sometimes tier lists are used as a factor if nothing else can separate entries.

We’re also not counting characters that are created using the Character Creation modes, which would exclude KOS-MOS and Devil Jin. They need to be selected from the original or DLC roster. Finally, we’re also not counting any spin-off games, so no Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia, but we will be counting any guests from handheld games.

And no, we’re not counting Yoshimitsu and their ever changing attire as a guest character: Each version is every much a part of Soulcalibur as they are a part of Tekken.

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