Everything We Know So Far About The Last Guardian

5. A Decade In The Making - What Happened?!

the last guardian
Team ICO

The Last Guardian is a spiritual successor to Shadow of the Colossus, which itself was a follow up to Ico. All three are connected via director Fumito Ueda, whose games are known for their distinctive art styles, themes of isolation and loneliness, and minimalistic storytelling. Development on The Last Guardian started in 2007, and the game was officially announced for the Playstation 3 in 2009, with a projected release of 2011.

This of course, did not come to pass. The game ended up in what appeared to be development hell as Team ICO was having a difficult time staying true to Ueda's vision within the technical limitations of the PS3. This slowed progress down considerably, and with Sony setting their sights on the next generation of the Playstation brand, the decision was made to switch to a now-upcoming Playstation 4.

This all had a severe impact on development, and following the change, Ueda himself left Sony in 2011. News of this was especially disconcerting to gamers, who took it as a sign that the game was doomed for cancellation. However, Ueda and other members of Team ICO went on to found their own studio, genDESIGN, which would go on to support The Last Guardian from the outside.

After all this upheaval - and with some solid groundwork finally laid down alongside the commitment of Sony - development continued at a decent pace, and The Last Guardian is now on track to actually hit store shelves this December.

But what is The Last Guardian actually about? Well...


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