Fable 4: 10 LEAKED Details You Need To Know

Fable's finally back! But what's changed with the newest entry?


Perhaps one of the biggest announcements at Microsoft's recent Xbox Game Showcase event was that the Fable series is making a return. This new entry in the franchise won't be produced by Lionhead Studios seeing as they closed down in 2016; instead it has been developed by Playground Games, those responsible for the Forza Horizon series. But apart from that, the showcase didn't really reveal much about the project.

However details have been leaked online, most notably from a large leak that happened last July. While there is a small chance these details may have been removed or changed, it still provides a lot of information about where the series is going. There are also quite a few rumours circling around online that may also have some merit to them.

Fans have been waiting for a Fable reveal for years now, so understandably the community is searching for any news they can find.

The main source of these leaks appeared on Reddit a year ago. While the original post was taken down, a comment on a crosspost details what could be seen before it was taken down. You can find the Reddit post here.

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