Fable 4: 10 LEAKED Details You Need To Know

10. No Guns


Guns didn't appear until the second game in the Fable series but became a mainstay after their first appearance. However they weren't universally loved as many fans thought they were too overpowered, preferring the previous game's crossbow weapon. It would seem with the newest entry in the franchise that guns will not be returning for players to use.

Seeing as the game is likely acting as a soft-reboot for the franchise it may be going back to basics for its first instalment, reverting back to using crossbows to properly lean into the fantasy setting. Perhaps guns just didn't fit in with how they wanted to re-design the game. It would also line up with the supposed plot that also features in the leak, but we'll save that for later in the list.

Some fans are sure to be disappointed however, as in any online forum discussions regarding the use of guns in Fable there is always a crowd that will defend their inclusion into the game. Hopefully it won't put them off if they are removed.

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