Fable 4: 10 LEAKED Details You Need To Know

9. You'll Be Travelling To Different Planets

Fable 4

Fable 4 seems to be a planet-hopping adventure according to the large leak from a year ago. The player will not be restrained to just Albion but will actually be able to travel to different planets. Due to reasons in the story, Theresa and the Guild are on another planet which you'll be able to travel to with the use of a demon door.

This wouldn't be the first time players could use Demon Doors to travel to different planets, but it seems to be more connected with the story than it has been before. If the player is able to travel to visit Theresa and the Guild, perhaps a part of the game will see the player exploring and completing quests on this planet.

It may just be a hub that you can visit to talk to characters and upgrade your character. Or maybe Theresa's planet is just one of several that you will be able to travel to complete the main narrative. With the introduction of visiting planets there's really quite a lot of possibilities for the developers to explore.

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