Fable Reboot Wishlist: 5 Things We Want (And 5 We Don't)

Our return to Albion is going to be glorious, so long as the following is met.


The announcement of a new Fable game has been something on fans minds for a long time, and indeed was the worst kept secret in British gaming. Everyone knew that it was coming, yet the confirmation was still incredibly exciting, and for fans of the series this could be a great chance to write some of the wrongs that have occurred in the franchises past.

Many things contribute to what makes Fable a brilliant gaming experience, but there is also a distinct selection of potholes that the former designers at Lionshead fell into.

From the announcement trailer, Playground games look to be ready and willing to commit to a well designed and crafted world, and this is something that could benefit from looking at the past games to avoid the same mistakes.

There's been plenty of criticism thrown in the direction of the Fable franchise, and fans have always had trouble disputing it.

Thankfully the outspokenness of the criticism received makes it very clear where to go and what to avoid for the new game. So long as Playground games succeed in addressing these complaints, we should have a great title on our hands.


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