Fallout 4: 10 Core Lessons It Must Learn From Skyrim

6. Don't Just Make Us Human

The first input players would have had in their Skyrim campaigns would have been to choose their character's race from an interesting and diverse list of nine possibilities. This is a staple of the Elder Scrolls series, and players have been able to experiment with the balancing of their own playstyle and the strengths/weaknesses of various races for quite some time. Sadly however, the Fallout series is yet to offer players a similar option. In each game of the Fallout series players are simply thrust into the shoes of a vault-dwelling human. To this point there hasn't been anything wrong with this; these games have all offered players the chance to experience a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the shoes of a human just like themselves, thus adding to the weight and impact of the events that unfold. It would also be admittedly difficult for a variety of races like Skyrim's to be included, since the Fallout series is grounded in our real world were such creatures do not exist. What could work in the Fallout series, however, is for a variety of simple mutations that the player's character could have experienced to be optional at the beginning. In place of choosing a race for their character, players could be given the option of adding a set of strengths and weaknesses to their basic human in the form of a mutated reaction. Additions such as additional speed, physical strength and intelligence could make each mutation unique and replicate the race system Skyrim employed so well.
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