Fallout 4: 10 Core Lessons It Must Learn From Skyrim

5. Give Us Bigger Enemies

A world where many of the enemies that players encounter have experienced some sort of mutation or enhancement after years of living alongside nuclear fallout really gives Bethesda a massive spectrum of possibilities to draw from. So far, the Fallout series has offered adequate roving enemies in the form of large, mutated brutes and aggressive irradiated insects. Now, however, they need to think bigger. Skyrim's dragon battles showed us that Bethesda have the capability to pit their players against versatile enemies on a massive scale. Dragons represent some of the toughest foes players could face in Skyrim due to their power, size and ability to take to the skies and change the complexity of the encounter at will. Though these battles inevitably start to reveal a recognisable pattern that players could eventually exploit, they are still enormously fun and add serious strength to the scale of the already impressive game. A similar type of enemy (or enemies, if we're feeling greedy) needs to find its way into Fallout 4. Granted we've seen hulk-like mutants and enlarged ants in previous Fallout titles, but why not think bigger now? Could a Radscorpion and a mutant Brute be polymerised into something doubly terrifying and deadly? Of course they could, and the satisfaction gained from defeating such a creature would be akin to that of defeating a dragon in Skyrim. It's time to become a monster-slaying legend in the wasteland!
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