Fallout 4: 12 Most Intriguing Rumours So Far

With exactly a month until we're sure new Fallout details will emerge, what are the best fan theories online?

It has been four years since the release of Fallout: New Vegas and fans are demanding news about the release of the upcoming Fallout 4. So far Bethesda has said almost nothing, leading to a rather humorous Change.org petition demanding that they at least admit the release date. With E3 taking place in a month€™s time, it is anticipated that there will be finally some sort of confirmation about what to expect from the new game. Of course this doesn€™t mean that there is nothing to go on, because as always the internet is abuzz with rumours about what to expect from Fallout 4 following a series of linked releases from Bethesda, as well as some leaked information pertaining to what could possibly be the Fallout 4 casting call. Of course the producers haven€™t confirmed any of that, so right now all the related information is just based on interpretation. But what can be announced that would enable Fallout 4 to stand out from amongst the other games at what is being reported as a very crowded E3? There are two Assassin€™s Creed games, the new Arkham Batman, the latest Call of Duty and the possibility of a new Halo, Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid sequels. There will need to be something enormous to make any of these games stand head and shoulders above the rest, and this could be why Bethesda is being quiet on the topic of Fallout 4 now, in order to have an impactful release later. So with E3 starting on June 11, all the fans have to go on are the rumours drifting around the Internet €“ and here is a roundup of the top 12€
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