Fallout 4: 12 Most Intriguing Rumours So Far

12. When Is It Coming Out?

Fans are split about when Fallout 4 might finally hit the shelves. There was some expectation that it would be revealed at E3 2013, but nothing appeared €“ and now there are abundant rumours that in a month€™s time the game will be revealed. This remains to be seen, but certainly fans just want to know when there is going to be a game coming out even if it isn€™t this year; after all, it has been four years since New Vegas was released. While has been used for online petitioning for some very worthy causes, Fallout fans have decided to use it to demand that a release date announcement is made by Bethesda, and quickly at that too. While the fans are eager for a game to be released by the close of the year, there is a fear amongst some that it might not be seen until next year. One revealing piece of information is that the company has recently put out a recruiting announcement for playtesters for an unnamed game asking whether or not the gamer has experience in previously playing RPGs and first person shooters, amongst others. While this might be a generic quiz, it certainly seems Fallout specific. Of course, given that they€™re asking for people in the Dallas/Forth Worth area, it could actually be for ID Games€™ Doom 4. Or they could be doing some big switcharoo to fool the internet. Likelihood of release by the end of the year: 7/10Likelihood of release by the end of next year: 10/10Likelihood of Bethesda trying to recreate Chinese Democracy and taking 10 years to produce Fallout 4: Anything but. (Please)
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