Fallout 5: 10 Latest Rumours You Need To Know

The hype goes thermonuclear.


Though post-release DLC content has kept Fallout 4 fans busy for a while, it wasn't long before their minds began to wander, and that's when speculation about what the wastelands of the future might hold came back with a vengeance.

More than two years have passed since players first set foot in the irradiated ruins of Boston, and in that time, Bethesda has let nothing slip about its plans for Fallout 5 - but that doesn't mean they aren't putting it together in a top-secret underground vault somewhere.

The lack of an official announcement hasn't stopped fans from speculating about how the next entry in the post-apocalyptic role-playing series might shape up, where it could be set, and how it will improve on 2015's Fallout 4.

There's every chance 2018 will be the year Bethesda breaks its silence on the next sequel. Five years elapsed between New Vegas and Fallout 4 and it seems unlikely the studio would leave it longer than that to dole out the next instalment. That means Fallout 5 will likely be released by 2020, in which case, a 2018 unveiling makes sense.


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