Fallout 5: 10 Majorly Important Fixes It Must Have

8. Expand On The Pre-War Sections

Fallout 5

It’s always the same with any form of entertainment, be it a video game, film or TV show. If a story is set in a specific world - from a zombie plague to a dystopian dictatorship to a post-Earth human civilisation set in space - people always want to see what happened before.

In Fallout, that's resulted in fans longing for scenes set before the bombs fell, and the introduction to Fallout 4 saw you choose your character’s appearance and SPECIAL stats during a segment set just before the first nukes dropped - but it wasn’t enough.

With so much detailed backstory explaining what the world was like before the apocalypse, it’s understandable that players would like to get the chance to actually play through some of these important events.

A mission or two set before the nuclear war would be a great way of treating fans. The Lone Survivor in Fallout 4 said that they were part of the army in their old life, so why not a level where you get to play as someone in the army during one of the many conflicts that occurred prior to the nukes?


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