Fallout 5: 10 Majorly Important Fixes It Must Have

7. More Interesting Vaults

Fallout 5

The Vaults are one of the most iconic aspects of the Fallout franchise, alongside the Pipboy and the Fatman. Nearly every game starts you off in a Vault, with other ones you discover on your journey home to a range of ill-fated experiments, unique stories, dangerous enemies and, of course, ‘Gaaary’.

However, Fallout 4 had barely any Vaults in comparison.

There are only five vaults in the game (excluding the DLC) with each one having a fairly tame backstory compared to those from the previous games (Vault 81, the one that is still functioning properly, is the highlight of Fallout 4’s selection).

After the amazing opening section of the game where you get to see the start of a Vault experiment rather than the usually-horrific aftermath, you can easily go through the entire game without going anywhere near another one.

With the open-world, post-apocalyptic genre starting to get crowded, the next Fallout game needs to bring back the diverse and interesting Vaults to make sure the series stands out from the competition.


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