Fallout 5 Wishlist: 8 Biggest Changes That MUST Happen

War may never change, but Fallout needs to.


It's not been the smoothest year for Fallout. Seeing out the decade with the debacle that is Fallout '76 can't be easy, given the pedigree the series had built up for itself.

So, what can Bethesda do to stop the series from falling further on its sword? More importantly, what would we like to see in Fallout 5, and what do we already know so far?

Well, we all know we prefer the single player experience over the online multiplayer (and not having to pay another £100 a year for it). Though maybe a co-op mode wouldn't go amiss?

Was it too much to have an inclusive town/settlement builder in; did it spread the game too thin or was it just right? Or would players prefer a more story/sidequest focused adventure like New Vegas?

Bigger questions still, like where it could be set, as well as where it'll fit in to the overall Fallout universe, are yet to be confirmed.

The biggest problem the series faces is it not being top dog anymore. Obsidian have proven they don't need the brand with the success of The Outer Worlds, and Bethesda's going to need to do something more a rehashed Fallout 4.

Bear in mind that these are all speculation at the moment, but here's what we'd like to see in the next Fallout game.

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