Fallout 76: 10 New Gameplay Details You Need To Know

Dropping nukes on other players is only the beginning.

Fallout 76

After a rocky couple weeks of back and forth wondering whether or not the leaks were true and that Fallout 76 was going to be a multiplayer-focused spinoff rather than a regular open-world RPG, Bethesda have finally unofficially unveiled the new direction they'll be taking with their post-apocalyptic series.

For one, it turns out the leaks were correct: 76 will in fact let players team up online to face the dangers of the wasteland. Likewise, the central thrust of the plot, your playable character being one of the initial survivors to ever get to the grips with the new world post-The Great War (as the game is chronologically going to be the first in the series), has also been confirmed to be true.

Of course, these are all details fans following closely already put together, but since E3 Bethesda have come out swinging, dropping atom bombs of information about their latest project. By now it's pretty clear how Fallout 76 is taking shape, and it's certainly made some bold choices that are either going to be a dream come true for fans, or their worst nightmare.

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