Fallout 76: 8 Mechanics Fallout 4 Ditched That Must Return

7. Power Armour Training

Fallout Karma

Power armour in Fallout 4 was genuinely brilliant and one of the best innovations the game had to offer. It made you near indestructible and actually gave the player a sense of how encumbering and massive these portable tanks were. The problem, however, was that you became that suited badass far too early in the game making it not that special.

Part of the joy of getting Power Armour the in the other games was having to earn it. Spending the entire game watching others wearing the suits made it something to aspire to. And finally being able to wear it was an accomplishment. An accomplishment which would be made all the more impactful when incorporated into the new lumbering suits of Fallout 4.

You can argue all you want that the main character had combat experience, so it made sense for him to be able to wear it, but that doesn't change the fact it robs the player of the ability to grow throughout the game.


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