Fallout 76: 8 Mechanics Fallout 4 Ditched That Must Return

6. Drinking From Toilets

Fallout Karma

Apparently, Bethesda is entirely alright with you wading through radioactive sewage and drinking from literal cisterns, but going to toilets for a quick refresher is where they draw the line.

This might not seem like a massive problem, but it becomes more apparent when playing through survival mode. Struggling to find water meant you often had to rely on more... 'unsanitary' means, and knowing that you could always resort to the toilets if necessary meant you had some form of hyrdation security.

It's just a really weird thing to remove when the toilets ultimately always functioned the same way sinks did. It was just a different ceramic vessel.

No doubt Bethesda had their reasons, but... why? Let us drink from the lavs, dammit!


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