Fallout 76: Every Gameplay & Plot Detail You Need To Know

10. It Takes Place 200 Years Before Fallout 3

Fallout 76

So far, the Fallout franchise has been concerned with exploring what the world would look like hundreds of years after a nuclear war. Consequently, fans have mostly seen a world that's adjusted to its new conditions, where Super Mutants are the norm and Ghouls are fighting for their rights.

Fallout 76, however, is going to turn back the clock. From both information released in the trailer as well as plot leaks, the spinoff apparently takes place 200 years before the events of the third game. The pip-boy in the trailer even establishes an exact date, October 27th 2102, which is a mere 26 years after the bombs fell.

Even if this date isn't exact, it still suggests that 76 will be, chronologically anyway, the earliest title in the franchise. This should throw players into a world that they've never before seen in the series, and for a change could chronicle the immediate aftermath of The Great War, and the disarray and chaos that has so far only been conveyed in stories and books.

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