Fallout London: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

Put down your Nuka Cola and crack open a cold bottle of Ion Brew.

fallout london

We all know the Fallout universe is filled with beautiful world spaces overflowing with style.

From the parched deserts of the Mojave to the mean streets of the Capital Wasteland, the ruins of the Commonwealth and the wild hills of West Virginia, every modern game in this series has given us an amazing part of post-war America to explore.

But that isn't enough for some people, and a team of incredibly talented creators have left the Red Rocket Diner behind to set up shop in London Town. Fallout: London is a complete overhaul mod of Fallout 4, bringing an entirely new story and setting to this beloved franchise.

Essentially a new game in itself, this mod will take players into the ruins of a post-apocalyptic London to explore the world of Fallout beyond the United States for the very first time (if you don't count going into space).

Expected to be the largest mod ever produced for a Fallout game, this really is something to get excited about. With their latest trailer showing the absolutely stunning quality the mod team is working to, these are the reasons why Fallout: London should be on your radar.

10. Excellent Quality

fallout london

Those with some experience in modding their games know that quality isn't always an assured factor.

When a mod is almost exclusively made through the work of volunteers in their spare time, the price of new and interesting content tends to be a lower level of visual or audio fidelity.

But this isn't the case for the Fallout: London team, who are approaching their project with an incredible attention to detail.

Everything from the visuals to the voice acting, the landscape and even the weather is being made to a standard of quality that borders on a full AAA title.

With what we've been shown in their frequent updates and their latest trailer, it seems clear that this mod will be meeting some truly stunning standards.

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