Fallout: New Vegas - 10 Things Nobody Admits It Did Better Than 3

Bethesda, take note.

Although it was far from a failure back in 2010, the release of Fallout: New Vegas wasn't exactly met with the same open, loving arms that the third entry in the series enjoyed. Because of Obsidian Entertainment's game being riddled with bugs - often game-breaking - the latest Fallout release turned into a complete mess of frustrated fans and angry early adopters. A shame, because New Vegas was more than a worthy successor to Bethesda's genre-defining sequel. In fact, in many aspects, Obsidian's effort completely served to outshine Bethesda's work. Although the third game is considered untouchable by fans, it's far from perfect, and there's plenty of features that desperately need improving in the upcoming fourth entry - but many of these shortcomings have already been addressed by Obsidian's spin-off. So for as much as Bethesda's main series wants to ignore the canon of New Vegas, it would be an utter disservice if the developer overlooked all the great work that went into crafting that title. Obsidian's game may have been buggy, but it definitely packed a punch where it mattered - namely in the sophisticated and hardcore way the title dealt with story and characters. No one is taking anything away from Fallout 3, but it's completely ridiculous that New Vegas isn't held up to the same high standards.

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