Far Cry Primal: 9 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

New takedowns, secret hunting grounds, survival tips and more!

For whatever reason, Ubisoft's latest Far Cry isn't setting the world on fire like the last two, but that doesn't stop it being one of the coolest and most fun gaming experiences out there. Riding sabre-tooth tigers, lobbing spears through tribes of enemies' stomachs, deploying bee-bombs and stopping to gnaw on the occasional chunk of meat to regain your health, think Leo DiCaprio in The Revenant, add mammoths and loincloths and you're almost there. What it lacks in modern technology and a gripping storyline it more than makes up for through exemplary world design, with novel and unique twists on established abilities, and a few more additions that set it apart from its predecessors the more you play. However, whilst you'll be familiar with calling your owl in for some sick stealth kills after an hour or two, chances are the world of 10,000 BC still has plenty more tricks up its sleeve...

9. Unique, Contextual Takedowns

First seen in Far Cry 4, although the majority of your neck-stabbing will be done from the front or rear standing positions, Primal has more contextual kills where the 'Takedown' prompt will still appear. One of the most common is having an enemy be just above a ledge you're facing or simply nearby; simply click R3 and Takkar will leap up and gut them there and then - it even works from underwater. Another is from behind cover, where although there's no way to 'lock' or stick to a given waist-high spot, if you crouch on one side and wait for an enemy to stray near, you can pull them over and kill them in one fluid animation. It's likely many more of Far Cry 4's animations carry over without unlocking too, so although I've not had a chance to check if you can pull enemies into water from below, give it a shot and let us all know in the comments!
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