FIFA 13: 10 Celebrations That Must Be Included

Read on for a rundown of 10 modern classics which EA should definitely seek to include in FIFA 13.

As the official release of FIFA 13 edges nearer by the day; mouth watering content and trailers released by EA spark the fantasy of all FIFA fans, and our minds drift to the wonders we can expect from the latest installation of this beloved series. What Culture takes a look at one aspect of the game that, while seemingly trivial, makes the game so much more authentic and emphatic for games worldwide: the goal celebration. Read on for a rundown of 10 modern classics which EA should definitely seek to include in FIFA 13, which is your favourite?

10. Ronaldo €˜Leg-Show€™ We kick off with a celebration which grabbed the headlines of a game in which Real Madrid dismantled an Osasuna side 5-1 on a warm Spanish evening a few months ago. Cristiano Ronaldo (who else?) had just scored an absolute rocket past the disbelieving keeper; when he walked off to celebrate in most typical Ronaldo style. Bearing a smug look only he could pull off, he lifted up his shorts over his right thigh and pointed to the ridiculously toned, muscular leg which had produced the goal. I remember watching it, I couldn€™t help but laugh at the way Ronaldo answers his critics by acting as a caricature of himself. It was a celebration of pure genius, the epitome of arrogance, simply brilliant. The reaction of the Madrid bench said it all, laughing and imitating Ronaldo, even the special one afforded himself a little grin. This iconic celebration would fit perfectly into FIFA 13, imagine it: the beautiful feeling when you€™ve just buried the keeper from 30 yards, laughing in your mate€™s face, you look at the screen to see Cristiano mocking your virtual opponents in a similar fashion. This iconic celebration is a must in a future edition of FIFA, one which the developers cannot miss out on.
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