FIFA 13: 10 Celebrations That Must Be Included

9. Szczesny Slow Motion Grass Hump One of the lasting memories from a glorious European night for the Gunners, Andrei Arshavin had just scored a late winner against Barcelona which set the Emirates alight, it was a deafening roar which punctuated the images of the diminutive Russian being hugged by his ecstatic teammates. Then the camera cut to Arsenal€™s young goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, on his knees in his six yard box pumping his fists in a display of primal joy and passion- in slow motion. It was a celebration which summed up the feeling of every Arsenal fan on that night, the happiness was unmatched as was the high-definition scream of celebration emanating from Szczesny€™s beaming face. As the emotion wore off though, the world saw the funny side and Szczesny€™s celebration was replayed countless times, reproduced in various situations and generally ridiculed, but we Arsenal fans love him for it. It would be great if in FIFA 13, upon scoring a last minute winner and leaping in the air wildly, screaming and waving your controller, the keeper on screen mirrored your raw joy and did €˜the Szczesny€™. It would be a brilliant way to capture the passion of the game and a fitting tribute to such an original celebration.
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