FIFA 13: 10 Worst Things FIFA Players Do

With FIFA 13 releasing globally this week, let's take a hard look into the annoying acts that people like to use during online gameplay. It'll be good to refresh ourselves of the mentality that some online gamers have so that we aren't re-frustrated by all the nonsense that these guys pull off this season. Some of these problems manifest due to EA's poor online structure of certain game modes whilst other problems are brought about simply by the players themselves. Special note goes out to the many 'Virtual Pro/Team Play' players that have brought misery to this gamer on countless occasions. As such, this list will feature quite a few instances that directly relate to the 'Pro' game modes. There's a good reason for this: when you have 20+ players on the pitch, the chances of an annoying prat rearing his (or her) ugly head increases 10 fold. Onwards to the list:

10. Sweaty Goals

What are sweaty goals? Essentially, they're goals that come about from crosses into the penalty box for easy headers or tap ins for a striker to score. Basically, requiring no skill at the moment of scoring; other than pressing the 'shoot' button. Personally, I'm 50/50 on sweaty goals. In the real, sweaty goals are the real deal. They're a legit way to score in proper football matches. So why can't it be used in football based games? Not everyone or every team will have a player who has a good striker rating that can score from all angles, so the sweaty goal is an important mechanic. The downside I can agree with however, is the fact that the computer A.I. tends to play like crap. Defenders don't mark strikers appropriately, allowing for easy tap ins and goals. There's not much to say here aside from the fact that until the computer's A.I. skills are improved, these sort of goals will always be a problem. To those that only score goals this way, I do have to ask though: is it really all that fun?

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