FIFA 13: 10 Worst Things FIFA Players Do

9. Lonely Skills

The skill system in FIFA games is one of the most powerful tools an attacker has. Used appropriately, you can split apart any defence. Knowing this, many players try to execute these skill maneuvers whenever possible during gameplay. I repeat: WHENEVER possible. One of the most idiotic things you'll see a player do is execute skill moves all on their lonesome. No one around them. In their own half even. When they're losing! Of course, sometimes they do this while leading too, and it ends up being nothing more than time wasting and a bit of sportsmanship. In Virtual Pro or Team Play however, these characters simply destroy all flow to the game and end up annoying everyone on the pitch. Worst of all though, 90% of the time, they end up getting the ball stolen off of them anyway. Nothing's worst than a bad showoff. Part of the problem here, at least in the case of the Virtual Pro game mode, is that part of building up your Pro is by executing skill moves. As such, you'll always have people trying them out online, whether they're good at it or not. And do it repeatedly. And fail repeatedly.

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