FIFA 13: 7 Ways To Dominate Your Opponents

7. Over The Top

One of the best ways to break down any team in FIFA 13 is hitting long through balls over the top for your striker to chase. Not only will you take the pressure off your midfielders and give them a chance to recover stamina, chances are 8/10 you will put your opponent under severe pressure. There are more loose balls than ever before with defenders taking heavy touches and deflections galore. Sometimes the defender will head it straight out to your AMF giving you a chance to shoot which might get you a corner or even a goal. If you have a strong back line with dominant centre halves, you can shut down attacks quite easily, but the best part about over the top through balls is that they very rarely leave you exposed with the threat of a counter attack. If you have a good passer such as Pirlo or Wilshere, you can ping balls from the middle of the park all day long. Strong players are just as effective as speedsters if you can deliver the proper ball, with tall strikers such as Peter 'Pumpkin' Crouch a nightmare to defend against.
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