FIFA 13 Gamescom Trailer: 5 Things We've Learnt

We take an in-depth look at some of the key areas that will make all the difference this season.

It's here, the new Gamescom trailer for FIFA 13 has arrived and looks very sharp indeed. After a couple of years of criticism the EA production team seem to have come up with some fresh new ideas, including an improved player intelligence system, better navigation and a whole new skill games section. The trailer shows off some of these improvements quite quickly so this is an in depth look at some of the key areas that will make all the difference this season. Check out the trailer below and then read our reasons;

1. Player Interaction

Remember that time when you were playing FIFA 06, it was your Derby County side vs Arsenal in the FA Cup Final and, after playing the game of your life, it was 0-0 with only minutes to spare? Then, out of nowhere, Alexander Hleb would cross from deep and the ball would pop out of a group of players to find its way into the net. Replays later confirmed that Robin Van Persie's leg actually passed through the body of your centre-back to get to the ball. Five minutes of shouting at the screen and throwing your controller about the room quickly followed. Well that's what FIFA mean when they say the words 'player interaction', and this year they seem to have mastered it. Its been improved year by year but FIFA fans saw a giant leap in the right direction with last year's title showing off a few heavy collisions here and there. However, all too often something would happen to dismantle your faith in the gameplay. John Ruddy would collect a corner despite your efforts to surround him with red shirts. Or Andy Carroll would score a diving header through a crowd of eight or nine players. This year the game seems to have been upgraded to a new level of detail. With each individual movement adding something to your experience. The trailer shows off a goalkeeper and player collision as well as a couple of mid-air battles that you haven't seen before. If this turns out to be as good as it first looks then stand by for a few scrappy encounters and a lot more realism.
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