FIFA 14: 5 Classic Forgotten Features We'd Love To See Return

Messi FIFA 14, the latest iteration in EA Sport's long-running football franchise, is set to launch this September and with it become the 20th main title in the critically acclaimed series. Running since 1994, FIFA has seen a raft of changes since it was first released onto the PC and Sega Megadrive more than two decades ago. Gone are the basic (yet at the time pioneering) isometric view camera angle, primitive, 16-bit graphics and crude gameplay mechanics, and in their place we today have one of the more immersive, ultra-realistic football games around. Yes, the series has changed a lot since those days, improvements have been made, certain features have been tinkered with - some replaced for a short while, others permanently, and the franchise has chopped and changed immeasurably over the last two decades, owing to its longevity. But there are certain features from FIFA games from days of old that we wish hadn't been taken out of the series and long to see again in a modern title. Does anyone remember the indoor-football feature? Or Tackling the goalkeeper? Or standing in front of a goalkick trying to get the ball to hit you and rebound into the opposition's goal? How about scoring from the half-way line? Here, we take a look at five more Classic Forgotten Features We'd Love To See Return in FIFA 14. Click "Next" to begin.
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