FIFA 14: 5 Classic Forgotten Features We'd Love To See Return

5. Playing In Snow

fifasnow Remember those heady days of old when a bit of the white stuff didn't lead to the entire country grinding to a standstill, as though they had been paralyzed by mother nature herself? Or the days when a game of football could go ahead if the pitch had taken a light dusting of snow? In those days, the referee would merely toss a luminous, orange ball onto the pitch and there you'd have it, problem solved, now let's get on with things. That was the attitude in FIFA 98 at least. In recent FIFA titles, we haven't been able to play in snowy conditions - sure, the snow would occasionally fall, but never would it stick to the pitch or accumulate around the side of the pitch. We believe by bringing this particular game weather setting back, EA would be adding a bit of nostalgia to the series again, even if it was just available in exhibition matches or as an unlockable through career mode.
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