FIFA 14: 5 Essential Improvements To Gameplay

5. More Realistic Cutaways

fifa14 EA Sports pride themselves on delivering the most realistic and authentic football game on the market, with player likenesses so real that every time you see Luis Suarez you nervously move your hand away from the controller in case he takes a chunk out of your arm. So why then, every time the ball goes out for a set piece such as a throw in, do we see our player magically holding the ball seconds after it's just gone out of play? It's almost as if ball boys don't exist in FIFA - in fact they don't. The ball is just mysteriously teleported from the crowd to the player. We want to see the crowd punching the ball up and down the terraces as the player waits to collect it, we want to see a ball boy leap over the advertisement hoardings as he races to get the ball back in play as quickly as possible. We're not saying we want Eden Hazard to give him a good kicking if he takes too long in doing so, that'd be a bit too realistic, but we do at least expect EA not to disrespect our intelligence by making us assume they no longer exist.
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