FIFA 14: 5 Essential Improvements To Gameplay

fifa 13 Now that the Premier League is over for another few months, football fans have been starved of things to talk about at work, at home and in the office. But fortunately, FIFA 14, the latest in EA Sports' long-running football video game series, has come to the rescue. Already news on the latest football simulation venture has been trickling in, and we now know it will feature on next generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which is of very little surprise. The title is immensely popular with gamers and the predecessor in the series, FIFA 13, continues to sell strongly in the UK charts, ranking in third place across all platforms only last month, a whole six months after its release. Proof then that its lure is still irresistible to both football fans and gamers alike and but one reason why the EA venture has been running since late 1993. And yet, year on year, critics always find something to complain about. "The referees are too strict", "Wayne Rooney doesn't look lifelike enough" (probably a good thing) and "tactical defending is a load of rubbish" are just a few of the complaints we've heard down the years. There's no doubt we'll all be complaining again by the time the game hits shelves this September, but if EA can make these 5 Essential Improvements To Gameplay for FIFA 14, we may have a little less ammunition at our disposal. Click "Next" to begin.
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