FIFA 14: 5 Small (But Incredibly Irritating) Things EA Need To Fix

5. Play Being Stopped For Non-Head Injuries

fifa13 One of the biggest pet-peeves for me while playing FIFA 13 was the refereeing decisions. Some of them were inexplicable, like how penalties were awarded for perfectly fair tackles while at the same time the ref would waive away my penalty appeals at the other end after I had been blatantly upended by a defender. But one of the biggest flaws with the referees was the fact they'd stop play for even the slightest of injuries. Now, Law 5 in the FIFA Rule Book states that play must only be stopped if "a player is seriously injured" and that "play is allowed to continue until the ball is out of play if the player is, in the opinion of the referee, only slightly injured". Someone should point "Hayden Pennyfeather" in the direction of this rule book because I have seen FIFA referees immediately stop play for hamstring injuries when in actuality play should only ever be stopped in the case of head injuries. What makes matters worse is that the ball is then returned to the opposition for them to hoof back into your penalty area when you had originally been on the attack. I think FIFA 14 should implement a feature where play is only stopped for non-serious injuries if the player decides to gamely kick the ball out of play - like in real life.
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