FIFA 14: 5 Small (But Incredibly Irritating) Things EA Need To Fix

FIFA FIFA 14, the latest in EA Sports' long-running football franchise, is set to be released this September on both current and next-gen platforms and the news yesterday that it will land on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has brought already fervent anticipation to a fever pitch. The title is immensely popular with gamers and the predecessor in the series, FIFA 13, continues to sell strongly in the UK charts, ranking in third place across all platforms only last month, a whole six months after its release. Proof then that its lure is still irresistible to both football fans and gamers alike and but one reason why the EA venture has been running since late 1993. Along with Black Ops 2, FIFA 13 was named among the biggest entertainment launches across games, movies and music in 2012 and FIFA 14 is tipped to be just as big of a hit. EA pride themselves on delivering one of the most realistic football-simulation games around and the crisp graphics, player likenesses and career-based game modes help make the series stand head and shoulders above the competition (much like Peter Crouch). But, having said that, there are still 5 (albeit small) irritating features in the series that need ironing out ahead of the next iteration, and here, we profile 5 such flaws.
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