FIFA 14: 5 Ways EA Can Improve Pro Clubs

Take note EA Sports!

Screams have echoed through homes in frustration while celebratory roars gleefully bounce off the walls in response to a last minute goal. These are two of the mainstream emotions a typical game of FIFA can conjure up on a daily basis, and two that keep us coming back for that one more match Groundhog Day cycle that very few titles possess. FIFA 14 has been successfully selling since its release and in typical FIFA fashion it isn't likely to drop out of the top 20 selling titles until the next incarnation. Christmas, or whatever you want to call it, is upon us once again which will usher in a fresh user base over the next few weeks that plan to batter the onion bag of their opponents online on their wonky strut to that promotion podium. As expected, FIFA 14 comes rammed with game modes to keep you occupied well into next season. At the moment the bread and butter seem to lay within Ultimate Team but we here at WhatCulture feel that one mode in particular could be doing with a bit more polish. That mode is Pro Clubs. Pro Clubs is a hugely popular online venture where you can team up with one, or if you're Mr Popular, eleven friends to compete online against rivals clubs in your mission to march to victory. Clubs begins with you creating your own virtual professional player so us vastly less talented platypus footed footballing shambles of men and women can live out our impossible dream of lining out for Barcelona, Arsenal, Juventus, or if you're so inclined, the mighty Derry City in the Irish league. EA have almost mastered the feel of letting us believe we're not entirely useless on the pitch during Pro Clubs. Although with all majestic maestro touches FIFA 14 produces, as expected there are a few hiccups to drown out that will take Pro Clubs onto the next plateau of brilliance. Here we present five ways EA can improve on Pro Clubs for FIFA 15 and beyond.
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