FIFA 14: 5 Ways EA Can Improve Pro Clubs

5. Improved Teammates A.I.

The chance to pull together a squad of 11 of your friends to put in performances you can never quite reach in reality will entice any casual or diehard football fan. Pro Clubs should be the virtual pinnacle of this but it all stems down to having the audacity to muster 11 of your online acquaintances to be available at the same time for kick-off. As with my own club and I'm sure thousands of others, this proves a difficult feat to achieve. We are constantly left with a handful of inadequate nobodies who sometimes feel like they have been pulled in from other gaming genres, considering at times they show no evidence they have been programmed for a football sim. Every so often the control pad strangling scenario of players watching with wide eyed jaw dropped brainless expressions as the ball passes by before they decide to chase after it. When this is happening to the other team, of course it's hilarious, but us selfish score hunting gamers easily become a bundle of joyless grunts once the tables turn. Improving the A.I of your teammates will produce vastly superior games which results in more fun for all involved. No longer will a win or a loss be down to that adventurous centre half that voluntarily slides to the ground more than Taylor Swifts underpants. Victories will feel more meaningful knowing you had a hand, fingers and thumbs in every fast paced attack and critical defensive blocks. The basis of the A.I is there as it rarely puts a foot wrong in the other modes but something is just slightly off at times during a Pro Clubs match that could do with a bit of touching up to elevate the experience to contest the rest of the fantastic gameplay of FIFA.
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