FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: 10 Best Bargain Players

Diamonds in the footballing rough.

FIFA Ultimate Team is without doubt one of the most addictive game modes offered in EA€™s hugely popular football sim. However, one of the most frustrating flaws with this exceptional game mode is that so many people play it that the price of desirable rare players quickly hyperinflates to a sum that will always be unachievable for most players. Want a Team of the Season Messi? Be prepared to fork out in excess of 2,500,000 gold for it. Perhaps a stronger forward like Team of the Season Zlatan? 3,300,000. Maybe a Team of the Season Ronaldo then? 5,800,000€ Heck, even just a regular Ronaldo will set you back 1,500,000. And so, while FUT claims to give gamers the chance to amass a group of the greatest players of this generation all playing in the same kit, the reality is that unless you are willing to spend an inordinate amount of time and money or get insanely lucky, you are unlikely to ever actually have your idea of the ultimate team. Never fear though €“ WhatCulture has your back and we are willing to dispense all the advice you need to create a team of killers which won€™t make you play 5,000 games to afford them. Though these players come from the bargain bin, each and every one of them packs a punch and can make any ultimate team sing. Here are the 10 Best Bargain Players on FIFA Ultimate Team:
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