FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: 10 Best Bargain Players

10. Ezequiel Garay (Benfica) €“ 700

The man who many believe will be one of the options shortlisted by Louis van Gaal to fill in the vacuum that the centre of Manchester United€™s defence is rapidly becoming, it may come as some surprise that you€™ll see a fair amount of change back from 1000-gold for Garay. Currently the Argentine plays for Benfica so it may be a slightly difficult task to fit him into a defensive unit while maintaining that all-important chemistry. If Garay does indeed become a Premier League player next season expect his price tag to go the way of the Cadburys Freddo and skyrocket. Garay€™s in-game ratings of 83-strength and 87-standing tackles make him an extremely solid centre-back while his overall heading rating of 81 means that more often than not you can rely on the Argentine to dominate opponents in the air. With 86-interceptions you can also expect Garay to cut off that penetrating pass which would€™ve been sure to lead to a goal otherwise.
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