FIFA 15: 10 Most Overpowered And Broken Players

10. Andre Schurrle (Chelsea)

Nicknamed the poor man€™s Eden Hazard, Andre Schurrle€™s generous distribution of stats sees him end up with 92 acceleration, 88 long shots, 86 dribbling, 86 agility and 85 sprint speed to make the German one of the most well-rounded wingers in the game. With a low cost of around 4000 coins, the Chelsea star is an excellent addition to any Ultimate Team looking for a goalscoring wide forward. But it€™s FIFA 15€™s decision to give the Chelsea star a four-star skill rating that pushes Schurrle firmly into the overpowered category. In the right hands and positioned on the left of a three-man attack, the winger poses a serious threat to any defence with an incredible range of flicks and tricks as well as the ability to finish off sweeping moves. The German is quick, strong, skillful, and most of all, deadly, which makes a mockery of his benchwarmer status at Chelsea under Jose Mourinho, having started just five games so far in 2014/15.
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