FIFA 15: 10 Most Overpowered And Broken Players

9. Nedum Onuoha (QPR)

The sole defender on this list, Queens Park Rangers' Nedum Onuoha earned his place on this list thanks to just two physical statistics. A man mountain in defence, his 89 sprint speed and 84 defence means he can simply line up alongside forwards and muscle them off the ball every time. Onuoha€™s success in FIFA 15 despite having only two of his stats above 75 is testament to the dominance of strength and sprint speed scores. Placing the former Manchester City youth product at the heart of your defence is a sure-fire way of preventing goals in Ultimate Team, providing an excellent stop gap until you can afford more expensive defenders. The Englishman€™s success runs counter to his real life alter ego, who continues to struggle with the rest of his QPR teammates in the Premier League under the leadership of Harry Redknapp. Despite that, Onuoha's overpowered status as a defender means he's a perfect counter for just about everyone else on this list.
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